Practicing Some Chopin

Working on an arrangement of Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu – it’s beginning to take shape!

Recording a solo for Neal Morse’s Christmas album

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a shred guitar solo!


Mike Portnoy recording his drums to Paul’s solo

A clip from the sessions of Neal Morse’s Testimony 2 album. Here’s Mike Portnoy recording his drum parts to my solo on the song It’s For You.


It’s For You solo – live

… And here’s the solo played live (and a lot faster!) in London on the Neal Morse Testimony 2 tour (solo starts at 2:53).


Excerpt from Paul’s guitar solo spot with The Carl Palmer Band

Filmed at IMAC, Huntington, New York on the June 2, 2006 by Tony Ortiz, official archivist for Emerson Lake & Palmer


Rehearsals for the Neal Morse Sola Scriptura tour

Elisa Krijgsman, the guitarist for Neal’s previous European tour, got up on stage at a special fan-club warm-up gig for the Sola Scriptura tour. What ensued was a ‘Guitar Battle’ on the tune ‘In The Fire’. We had a quick run through the solo section of the tune in rehearsals – this is that run through. The actual guitar battle can be found on the Neal Morse DVD, ‘Sola Scriptura and Beyond’.