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Gigged Guitar String Bracelet

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Ever wondered what happens to all those used strings on tour?  Well, we’re delighted to say they now get recycled into these cool unisex bracelets!  Each bracelet is made from a string used by Paul on tour or in the studio, and comes with a card indicating which projects/tours they were from.

They’re now available in two styles – one made using a wound bass string, another using an unwound treble string (see photos).

Obviously, due to the limited supply of used strings (Paul doesn’t change them for every single show), these are only available from time to time.  So, if you see them in stock then grab one while you can!


Wound Bass String:

Unwound Treble String:


Style Bass String (wound), Treble String (unwound)
Size 6.5” - Small Lady's, 7" - Regular Lady's/Small Men's, 7.5” - Large Lady's/Regular Men's, 8” - Large Man's/X Large Lady's, Custom Size - specify wrist size in order notes