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  1. Thanks Keith! Loved the venue in NH – probably my favourite of the tour (and that’s mostly because of the catering)! Hope to see you on any tour in the future :)

  2. Thanks so much Alex, the tour is over now but what a memorable one it was! So pleased you enjoyed the show. Hope to catch you on the next tour! :)

  3. Hi Paul! Thank you (and Dave) for making an appearance in West Plains, MO, during your “Excellent Adventure” tour! Your renditions of Debussy pieces, as well as Gymnopedie and Moonlight Sonata, were all very impressive.

  4. Saw your performance last night in Rogers, AR. All I can say is wow. As an avowed “guitarhead” I am shocked to have never encountered you before. I am looking forward to catching up.

  5. Saw you in Gilford NH and met you briefly afterwards- Very impressed- Always have loved ELP and YES and was not disappointed! you gave a wonderful new vigor to ELP and Arthur was great as well- and you know how great Carl is! THANKS Keith

  6. Hi Paul
    Just back from Butlins Minehead.
    Not the most glamorous of venues but my friends and I were blown away by your playing.
    Amazing and thank you.

    Kind regards

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