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    Paul: Thanks so much John, CTTE was a blast wasn't it?! I'm still having withdrawals. Hope to see you onboard next year, or at one of our shows before then.

    John: Hey Paul, saw you for the first time on ctte 2018. Wow you blew me away. I’ll be following you forever

    Paul: Haha thanks Jim, I just had to google "Lang may yer lum reek"! Glad you enjoyed the show, we had a lot of fun too. Always great to play Scotland - such great audiences there. I hope we'll come back to Kinross, and hopefully see you there. :)

    Paul: Thanks very much Harry, that was a fun gig - not least because it was my birthday! Glad you enjoyed the show. Hopefully see you again in the future. :)

    Harry Hellam: Paul, watched the concert last night at Howden and was blown away by he interpretations of classic ELP songs. Already looking forward to seeing you and CP again in the future. Thanks for an amazing evening.

    Jim: Hi Paul. Saw you at Kinross in Scotland recently. Fantastic guitar work. Simon was also excellent. Thanks for the autographs. Who was your backing drummer? You have a fantastic career ahead. Lang may yer lum reek and come back to Scotland soon - Jim

    Paul: Thanks Tim :o)

    Tim Gingras: Hey Paul, not on FACEBOOK much anymore, but I wanted you to know I finally read every word of your BIO...Now, I'm even more impressed...Well done so far Mister B. tim g

    Paul: Yeah, Chet Atkins is great! You're right, I first got turned on to his playing through the album he did with Mark Knopfler - Neck and Neck. Such a great album!

    Paul: Thanks so much Richard, our Canadian shows were such fun. Hope we can play there again soon!

    Richard Frisby: Paul, amazing performance in St.Catharines, Canada. Thank you for inspiring me, listening to ELP for over 43 years brought me back to my childhood of great memories.

    Frank: Saw you in St Catharines Ontario tonight. Detected some Chet Akins influence in your solo material. Read your bio and saw that you played (learned), all of Mark Knoflers stuff. One of his influences was the Great Chet Kins....as was Steve Howe's. Great gig tonight.

    Neil: Saw you with Carl Palmer in Cleveland Sunday. You are so tight with him that you two could splint an atom together. WOW

    Mike Henninger: Awesome Show Saturday Night With Carl Palmer. You & Simon Are BOTH Amazing In The Fact That You Are Onstage With ROCK ROYALTY Yet You Both More Than Hold Your Own. Carl KNOWS Talent & You & Simon Have It In ABUNDANCE. Also It Was COOL That We Were At The Table Next To You @ MOLLY MAGUIRES Before The Show. Until We All Cross Paths Again, SAFE TRAVELS !!!

    Linda: Just got back from your show in Jim Thorpe, PA at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. Serious, serious props, Paul, you are an AWESOME guitarist. It was nice to say hi to you and Carl after the show, too. I'm still amazed at your talent for one so young.

    Mike Slaska: Caught your show last week in Newton, NJ. We were absolutely blown away. Having been ELP fans since our teen-age years, my wife and are were completely jazzed to to see Carl Palmer. What we didn't expect was the completely mind-blowing show we got. Your and Simon's interpretations - on guitar and bass - of what normally is a very keyboard heavy genre of music, were not only spot-on, but enlightening as I now have a new perspective on ELP's catalog, as well as all the classical pieces on Preludes and Etudes. I look forward to the next opportunity to see you and Paul together in concert again. Peace.

    Eric Porter: I saw you with Carl Palmer last night at The Egg in Albany NY, what a show. You were amazing, I couldn't believe we were seeing a performance of ELP music, and when I walked in there was no keyboard setup. You and Simon are fantastic, I am a a fan. All I can say is you are an amazing talent, best of luck in your career, and I am now a fan, I was blown away! Best of luck to you!

    Paul: Thanks very much Brian, we had a great time too - what an amazing town! Can't wait to go back. Paul :o)

    Brian Henry: Dear Paul - it was so awesome seeing you play in Delray with Carl - YOU are totally amazing and seemed to be channeling YOUR and everyone else's Rock Star Vibe. Well done!

    Paul: Thanks Juro, we had a great time - I always enjoy playing the Blue Note. Looking forward to the next time we can play there! :o)

    Juro: Greetings from Slovakia for all three musiacians. Thank you for your great (h)art rock show at Blue Note in Nove Mesto nad Vahom. Great evening. Thanks!

    Paul: Thanks very much for the message Bart & Elly, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. We had a great time too, this European tour has been a lot of fun & I alway love playing in the Netherlands. Hopefully see you the next time we play there. Paul :o)

    Bart Elbers: Thank you, all three of you for the wonderful performance last Saturday at 'het Patronaat' in Haarlem. More than two hours of craftmanship resulting into fantastic music! Carl Palmer's endurance is incredible, olympic topsport. Perfect evening! Regards, Bart & Elly

    Paul: Thanks Nicolas, I'm really pleased you enjoyed the show. I love Argentina - the audiences here are some of the best in the world! I hope to play here again soon!

    Paul: Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras Julio. Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado el espectáculo. Nos lo pasamos muy bien, me encanta jugar en Argentina!

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