Thursday 3:30pm ET Livestream

Join us for the 3rd part of one of my very first shows with Carl Palmer. As usual, I’ll be talking you through the performance, providing more behind the scenes stories and generally being over-critical of a much younger me! 😂

Payment in your local currency

Hey everybody, Patreon recently offered a new feature – patrons can now pay using their local currency (USD $, EUR €, or GBP £).  I’ve opted in this program, which will hopefully benefit everyone who’s local currency isn’t USD.  

Saturday Livestream

It turns out that tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of ELP’s Isle of Wight Festival show – the performance that catapulted them on to the world’s stage.  I thought it would be cool to celebrate that with a livestream, so I’m moving this weekend’s stream Read More …

Friday 3pm Livestream

Our special guest on today’s livestream is Donny!  Regulars to our livestreams will know him from the chat window, so here’s a chance to meet him (almost) in person! We’ll be talking drums, carpentry and brewing beer! 

Mr Bee meets Picasso

What a great livestream we had last night with my dad.  If you didn’t catch the stream then you can watch the replay here: We talked about his latest project and exhibition – recreating Picasso’s paper and card sculptures using ceramic.   As promised, Read More …

Friday Livestream – 3pm EST

Join us for a livestream with a difference – Dyanne Klinko of the “ELP – Titans of Prog” page will be interviewing me about translating Keith Emerson’s keyboard parts to guitar.  I’ll be talking and demonstrating various ELP classics.

Patreon Postcards

All this talk of the US postal service being in trouble is making me a little nervous – I sent out the Patreon postcards last week (luckily I had a surplus from last year’s tours – some of them signed by legends such a Arthur Read More …

July & August Downloads

In the early 2000’s I wrote a month column for Guitarist Magazine, analysing the styles of various guitarists, and showing how the influenced others.  The idea was proposed by music editor Jason Sidwell, so I chose 26 guitarists I thought had influenced, or been influenced by Read More …


Thanks to everybody who tuned in to yesterday’s prog stock livestream. For those of you who missed it, a new genre of music was created – Prog Knock Knock Rock – combining music and Knock Knock jokes! I was hoping it would be recorded for Read More …

This month’s Patreon Livestreams

All July’s bi-weekly Patreon get togethers are now listed on the Crowdcast page.  You can register for them in advance to get reminders and alerts when we go live.  Looking forward to hanging out at tomorrow’s (Tuesday) 8pm EDT livestream.  Hopefully see you there!