December 2008

From Keys To Frets

An interview focused on the specifics of arranging keyboard parts for guitar…

“Here, we’re talking to Paul Bielatowicz from the Carl Palmer Band who is rapidly earning himself a reputation for doing the seemingly impossible – reproducing Keith Emerson’s keyboard parts on guitar.

Ever since the guitar began to gain popularity during the last century, the job of arranging keyboard pieces for the fretboard has been an onerous task. Just ask any classical guitarist who has tackled some of JS Bach’s keyboard pieces and watch him turn pale… But at least Bach stuck to one keyboard and didn’t switch continuously between Hammond, Moog and grand piano! This was the challenge facing Paul when he joined the band – and ever since, audiences have been amazed at such diverse and positively non-guitar like sounds emanating from his PRS.

We caught up with Paul just before he left on a European tour with the band.”

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