Marshall JMP

My first real valve amp. I used this amp for years before it blew up! I then leant it to BIMM… they fixed it and have used for weekly live performance classes ever since!

Cornford Harlequin

I’ve had this great little amp on loan from Cornford ever since I started doing the my first columns for ‘Guitarist’ magazine. It’s a very lower powered (6 watts I think), very basic valve amp; meaning that you can crank it up, getting a great sound at a (relatively) low volume; perfect for recording.

I’ve also done several gigs with this amp (mic-ed up!)

Proamplifiers VSQ65 Head

Another purchase from my Leeds College of Music days (and I still have the student loan to prove it!).

A British made valve amp with stunning tone and enough gain to make you sound like you’ve practised for a lifetime!

Again, this one spent many years in unusable condition after I blew it up at a gig. After some searching I finally found a guy who managed to repair it without the aid of a circuit diagram.