Bath International Guitar festival 2001 CD
“New Frontiers: 2001 A Guitar Odyssey”

Track Listing
1. La Soledad – Leni Stern
2. Eight Years – Eric Roche
3. Joaquin Rodrigo’s Sonata Giocosa 3rd Movement – Tom Kerstens
4. Everything I Need – Aynsley Lister
5. Mosala Makasi – Papa Noel
6. George Gershwin’s Summertime – Neil Stacey
7. Sergio Assad’s Baiåo – The Eden-Stell Duo
8. Jean-Phillippe Rameau’s Les Cyclopes – The Eden-Stell Duo
9. Mad Eli’s Front Lawn – Steve Fairclough
10. Howard Skempton’s Five Preludes, no’s 2 & 3 – Tom Kerstens
11. Untitled – The Paul Bielatowicz Circus Jazz Trio
12. Roland Dyen’s Tango en Skaï – Gary Ryan
13. The Yogurt Man – Phil Hilborne
14. Drivin’ To New Orleans – Gregg Wright’s Left Hook
15. Love in the Rain – Rajan Spolia
16. Gamblers Blues – Paul Judge
17. Mirage – Antonio Forcione

I was involved with an organisation called IGF (International Guitar Foundation (or International Guitar Festival – depending on the occasion!)). IGF is an organisation that runs guitar festivals; weeks and weekends of guitar workshops. The first time I was asked to teach at their main festival in Bath I was still studying at ACM in Guildford. When I heard that there was a compilation CD being put together for the festival, a quickly put together a trio, arranged a version of the John Coltrane piece ‘Giant Steps’, booked some studio time and we recorded the piece in one take from start to finish, with no edits (as our engineer; a fellow student, hadn’t learnt how to ‘drop-in’ at specific points of a recording yet!). A few days later I found an old recording of me speaking under the influence of helium (I inhaled an entire balloon-full in one gulp; inspiring the words, “Wow, I’ve had a lot”) and stuck it on the end of the song.

For whatever reason, the song made it on to the CD under the name (or non-name) of ‘Untitled’!

Windsor McGilvray – Drums
Paul Galbraith – Bass