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12th June, 2013
Solo Album Funding Campaign Launched

It brings me enormous pleasure to announce that the time has finally come, after so many years of promising it, for me to release a solo album… or should I say ALMOST release a solo album.  The fact that I’ve got this far is thanks to many of you – I’ve been touched by the kind words of facebook friends, website visitors and concert goers from all over the world, encouraging me to put out my own music.  The result of all your encouragement is a collection of 19 tracks that I’m really proud of, so THANK YOU for helping me to get this far… but now I need a little more of your help to make this project a reality.  The help I need is with making the final push on the project – most of the hard work is done, now all I need to do is fund it.

I’ve decided to start a fundraising campaign to try to get the money I need to pay for the costs of making the album.  Please check my funding page HERE and consider making a donation to what I feel is a VERY good cause! ;o)