Day 34 – Disembark cruise ship and drive to Atlanta

After a final night partying on the boat we met bright and early in the ship’s reception.  I probably managed two hours sleep (at the very most) so the sight of our van, the place where I’d be able to sleep for today’s 12 hour drive to Atlanta, was very welcomed.

We had to make a slight detour on the way to Atlanta, stopping off at the venue for Yes’s show that evening as their truck had unloaded our gear from the ship – prog bands stick together you know!  When we arrived at their venue we were offered their hospitality room, where we helped ourselves to some lunch.

Not much to report from the long journey to Atlanta, other than lots of sleep for me, a few 2-player games on the van’s XBOX and several unsuccessful attempts to get the autonet wifi working.  Our journey was interspersed with a couple more stops – the first was for dinner at a Steak and Shake…

In the gas station next door to Steak and Shake I spotted something I had to have;  I don’t smoke, and rarely have cause to use a lighter, but when I saw this I just couldn’t leave it on the shelf…

Another truck stop had the usual selection of knives, along with something I’d never seen before – two real snakes’ heads made into a bath tap (faucet).

Finally, after an all-day journey, we arrived at our hotel and I got acquainted with my much-anticipated bed!

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