Day 28 – Fly to the US

Strictly speaking the US leg of the tour diary started at around 11pm on the night of the 23rd, when I finished my packing for the next few months (I’m going to be staying in the US after the tour is over).

After two of the worst days of snow my hometown has seen in decades, a friend very generously picked me up from the top of my lane as I was completely snowed in, and we left for the airport at sometime after 11pm.

We made it down to Heathrow airport in around 4 hours, meaning I had another few hours to kill before the rest of the band arrived to check in for our 9.40am flight to Miami – moments like this make you happy to have a girlfriend in a different time zone at the end of a skype connection!

When Carl and Simon arrived we checked in and boarded our plane from a gate right next to the one we’d started our previous US tour in 2011 from – deja vu!

Once on board I got my head down to writing the latest article for Guitar Techniques Magazine – a productive flight!

After landing in Miami we got a shuttle bus to our hotel.

Finally, after an epic 24 hour journey and being awake for what must add up to somewhere around 40 hours, we checked into our hotel.  I felt exhausted, but very happy to be back in the US.

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