Tour Blog

6th March, 2013
Day 16 – 7th gig – Cafeti Club, Amstetten, Austria

Today we broke our different-country-per-day pattern by staying in Austria for another show.  When we arrived in Amstetten I spotted the entrance to the venue…

… I had no idea we were doing THAT kind of show, and wondered if I had time to nip into town for a leg waxing kit!  But, as luck would have it (for both us AND the audience), no seductive dancing would be required tonight – the entrance to our venue was next door (Cafeti Club)…

Inside the club, Donatello our tour manager told us this was the town that was all over the news a few years ago, when it was discovered that some guy had locked his Daughter in the basement for 20 years and had several children with her.  I remember being shocked by the story when it was in the headlines – there are some evil and sick people in the world.

Cafeti Club was a small venue and apparently we were the first, “Major act,” to play there, so the promoter informed us.  The intimate setting made for a really great gig – a good time was had by all.