Day 11 – Fly to Italy and 3rd gig – Papozze, Italy

So, after a couple of weeks break from the tour, it’s time to start the diary again.  Since my last entry I’ve finished recording my solo album – all that remains to be done is mixing and mastering – I’ll keep you posted!

Not sure where to start today’s entry.  I didn’t go to bed the night before, setting off on the four-hour drive down to Carl’s house at half past midnight.  When I arrived Carl’s partner Katie drove us down to Gatwick airport where we met Simon and checked in for our flight.  After a much needed breakfast at the airport we boarded our 2-hour flight for Bologna, Italy.

I slept pretty much the entire way – only waking up briefly to take a quick photo of some mountains for the tour diary… Aren’t I good to you?!  ;o)

When we arrived in Italy we managed to grab a couple of hours sleep at the hotel before heading to the venue to set up and sound check with our allotted gear for European leg of the tour.  I’d been given a Peavey amp – at first I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t a valve amp (usually my only specification), but after spending a little time with it I managed to get a sound that I was happy with… the tour will go on!

The gig was good – great to play together as a band after a couple of weeks off.

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