Day 10 – Fly Home

After a far too early alarm wake up, we met in the lobby to take our now-customary convoy of Tokyo taxis to the bus stop for the airport.

At the bus stop we said our goodbyes to our promoters/hosts/friends Izumi and Tetsuya and made our way to the airport.

After the hour-long journey to the airport (Tokyo’s a big place!), we checked in for our 13 hour, 6150 mile flight back to the UK…

Once we got through security (where the Japanese authorities confiscated Simon’s string cutters from my guitar case… sorry Simon), Carl treated us to some of the finest Japanese tradition cuisine…

When we boarded the plane I was pleasantly surprised that we’d been identified at rock stars again – not a bad job really, is it?!  Complimentary champagne on take-off, stewards catering for our every need… Ryanair could learn a lot from them!

After a LONG flight we landed at a snow-covered London Heathrow.  Katie, Carl’s partner, picked us up and drove us back to their house where I’d left my car.

After an already epic journey, I made the 4 hour drive up the motorway to my home, taking my total travel time to 24 hours… needless to say, much coffee was consumed that day!

So, that’s it for the tour diary for a couple of weeks now.  By the time you read the next post I will have been to the US embassy in London to sort out my work VISA – taking me one step closer to our tour there, written several articles for Guitar Techniques magazine and finished a solo album that I’m recording for the US tour… better get my head down…

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