Day 41 – Travelling back to England

My alarm awoke me at 11.45am – just a few hours after I’d gone to bed the previous night.  I headed to down to the lobby at 12.45 to find that I was an hour early – well, I’d prefer it that way.  Josh also made the same mistake so, happily, we passed an hour drinking coffee and chatting while the front desk put my laptop on charge in preparation for the long flight home.

Eventually 12.45pm came along and so did our minibus to the airport.  We all got in the minibus, even though we were heading to different countries (and therefore different flights – Simone was going back to Italia while Josh, Harry and Bruce got a plane back to the US).

We said our goodbyes and made our way to our respective gates.

Carl, Simon and myself boarded our BA 246 flight back to the UK.  The first seat I was given didn’t have a working entertainment system screen – thankfully the cabin crew moved me to a seat further up the plane with a working screen, which is where I’m sat now finishing off my tour blog, just over 10 hours into my 11 hour flight home.  I’ve managed to watch a couple of movies – Prince of Persia and a brilliant movie (recommended by the guy sitting next to me) called Agora – I, in turn, heartily recommend it to anyone.

So, that’s it… The end.  The epic journey that has last for 6 weeks and spanned tens of thousands of miles has come to an end.  In just under an hour my plane will land in Heathrow airport at around 7am.  I hope you’ve enjoyed following along on with these diary entries.  I hope you can join me for the next trip. :o)

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