Day 37 – Travelling to Chile

Extremely early start!  We left the hotel at 5am (ouch) and headed to the airport for our flight to Chile (via two connecting flights).  We said goodbye to the van, our home for the past 5 weeks, as Josh’s band mate Guato set off on his long journey to New York where he would return it to the rental company.

We checked in at Phoenix airport, paid the excess baggage, and flew to Miami airport.  From Miami we got a plane to Panama and then, from there, another plane took us to Santiago, Chile.

During the course of our three flights I managed to grab what little sleep I could and passed the rest of my time reading and watching the movies Despicable Me and The Sorcorer’s Apprentice – both good in different ways.

When we arrived in Chile we were met by the promoter who took us to our hotel.

We finally checked into our hotel at 7am the next day – what an epic journey!

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