Day 30 – Travelling to San Diego

We met in the lobby at 9.45 and set off on our drive to San Diego.

The journey was a lot shorter than we were used to and took us past some very English looking scenery.

We arrived at our hotel around 3pm and headed straight out for lunch.

Me and Simon opted for a local Mexican restaurant while Carl, Simone, Harry and Josh went for another Denny’s (I just could not stand the thought of more fried processed food!).  On the way in to the Mexican restaurant I made sure I was suitably dressed – they clearly take personal appearance very seriously here…

Over the road from the restaurant we spotted a sign offering ‘FAST DIVORCE’!

After our Mexican meal I headed back to my hotel room where I worked solidly to catch up on my tour blogs.  Around 9.30pm I began to feel hungry again so I made my way down to the hotel lobby.  When I got down there I saw Simon, who had also had the same idea – we walked for a while, looking for some healthy food.  Eventually we managed to find a place that was still open – a nice Italian restaurant called The Green Olive.  I had a great vegetarian minestrone soup followed by a vegetarian pizza; all vegetables, all fresh –  just what the doctor ordered.  We got chatting to Josie the waitress.  She asked us what we were doing in the US and, when we told her that we were playing San Diego tomorrow evening, she promised to come to the gig – let’s see if she makes it!

On the way back from the restaurant we passed a strip club advertising ‘Biggest nude show in California’ – presumably a two ton woman taking her clothes off?

After dinner I returned to my room to finish posting tour blogs.  I spent about eight hours in total on the tour blogs today – I’ll have to make sure I don’t fall behind again!

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