Day 29 – Travelling to Bakersfield, California

Another day off, another long drive.  We met in the lobby at 11am and stopped for lunch at a Danish restaurant where I had a dubious version of Wiener Schnitzel – I think I should stick to the American classics in future.

The remainder of Simon’s birthday cake went down well in the van.

When we got to the hotel we arranged to meet for dinner at 8.30pm in the lobby – giving us a bit of time to chill out in our rooms before hand.  When dinner time came we opted for Taco Bell – my first of the tour and only the second in my life.  Having no idea about what they had to offer (the only other time I’d had Taco Bell was four years ago and, if I remember rightly, I went for a safe option of nachos).  I told the girl on the till that I was looking for something vegetarian and spicy – she recommended a cheese and bean burrito – a good choice, I really enjoyed it.

Not wanting to partake in our Taco Bell feast, Simone politely waited while we ate.  We returned the favour by accompanying him to a steak bar, where we sampled the local beer as he ate a huge piece of meat.

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