Day 27 – Travelling to Petaluma, California

Today’s journey took us through the Donner pass – the famous place where a group of stranded American settlers resorted to cannibalism to survive.  Despite its grizzly past, this drive has to be my favourite so far; the scenery was breathtaking, driving through beautiful pine forests – real Buffalo Bill country.

We reached a town called Roseville and stopped for lunch at Chubby’s Diner – clearly a healthy eating establishment.  A sign on the wall proudly informed customers that they used fresh eggs (as opposed to frozen eggs maybe?).

Sold by the freshness of their eggs, I ordered an omelette while simon tucked into his burger and milkshake.

When we arrived at our hotel in Petaluma we were greeted by a cheery sign:

When we checked-in the guy at the front desk insisted that he sorted out Simon’s key first – later Simon told me that he’d found a bottle of Champagne in his fridge and some cards on his table – tomorrow was his birthday, which would explain his preferential treatment at the check-in desk.

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