Day 26 – Travelling to Reno, Nevada

Our first leg of the journey lasted all of 3 minutes – round the corner to Starbucks where we found the Christmas cups had now been issued – it’s November… it’s Christmas!

We left Starbucks and got onto the road out of town, Harry told us that the satnav (GPS) was informing him that our next turn was in 550 miles.  We continued along a very very straight road for the rest of the day.

We drove past the great Salt Lake for a few hours and then stopped for gas at a gas station in the wilderness.

This really was cowboy country – amazing rock formations marked the horizon in an otherwise desolate landscape.

Two standout points of interest on the journey were the diner we stopped at…

… and some weird spiral aeroplane vapour trails…

After our mammoth journey we finally arrived at our hotel and we were greeted by a sign placed on the front desk…

Eventually we checked-in and arranged to meet in the lobby to share a bottle of red wine before heading out for a meal.  We found a local chinese restaurant where I ordered my usual favourite of crispy duck with hoisin sauce, spring onions and, instead of the usual pancakes that we’re used to in England, buns!  I just presumed that ‘buns’ would mean pancakes… to my delight I was wrong, and my duck arrived with a bowl full of buns!

In the parking lot of a drug store I spotted a shopping trolley with a kid’s car attached to it – resenting the fact that those hadn’t been invented 25 years ago I decided to make up for lost time.

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