Neal Morse, Guesting With Dream Theater; Day 2 – Rehearsal Day

The plan for today was for the band (minus Neal) to rehearse in the morning and afternoon, before Wilco and Henk had to leave for a gig in the evening.

We started our 10am rehearsal at 11.30 and ran the set for our coming shows.  After a break for lunch, we ran the set once more before Wilco had to leave for his gig.  One small problem is that we’d talked about changing the set slightly for one of the gigs, by adding a 20 minute epic (that will remain nameless for the time being!).  So, if we do it, we’ll play it without a run-through!

We packed away our gear and I headed back to Collin and Jessica’s house to do some practise.

In the evening we ordered pizza and watched ‘Valkeri’, a true story – what an amazing film.

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