Tour Blog

31st May, 2009
Neal Morse, Summer 2009; Day 6 – Another Day Off

I started the day with what was meant to be a quick job – posting these tour blogs on my website and Myspace (the Myspace versions don’t have photos, so if you’re reading this on Myspace, then visit my website for the full picture).

For those of you not on my website mailing list you won’t know that, in the past, my website has proved to have a mind of it’s own… that’s my excuse anyway. This time it sent everybody on my mailing list an e-mail, alerting them to all the posts and changes to posts I added (it does this automatically whenever I create a new tour diary… but I now know how to stop it!). Sorry again to everyone who got half a dozen e-mails… it won’t happen again.

So, after spending a little time posting the blogs, I then had to get in touch with Laura my webdesigner in order to beg her for help… as it happened, she’d already spotted the problem (she’s also on my mailing list) and was in the process of typing me an e-mail to let me know what I need to do differently in future – how efficient is that?!! I eventually fixed the problem, sent my mailing list a grovelling e-mail and then Collin and Jessica got back from church (they had offered to translate for me if I wanted to go with them, but I thought it’d be easier for everyone if I just had ‘church’ on my own with a sermon from the internet or something like that… well, that was the plan before the tour blog stuff went wrong).

Anyway, we spent the day chilling. I played a little guitar and then in the evening we watched ‘Wolverine’ the new X-Men film – very cool.

Collin gets the beers