Neal Morse, Summer 2009; Day 4 – Day Off

This was our first of a few days off. As on all days off, I woke up with a cold (this usually happens when I give myself a rest).

Jessica was teaching in the morning, so Collin and myself cycled across town to the church we’re due to be rehearsing when Neal arrives on Tuesday. We went to check it out and see if would be suitable for the rehearsal (Collin had never seen it before). The place was massive – with its own large restaurant-style industrial kitchen, massive church hall, gymnasium / indoor football pitch, library, massive coffee / restaurant area with stage, library, offices, etc, etc… We decided it would suit our needs just fine!

We cycled back, had some lunch then cycled to the studio to tidy our gear away for a workshop that Jessica was due to give in our rehearsal room the following day.

I played guitar a little in the evening and then Collin, Jessica and myself cycled to a restaurant in town for an amazing meal of ‘devilishly hot’ spare ribs.

'Devilishly Hot' Spare Ribs

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