Neal Morse, Summer 2009; Day 3 – 2nd Day of Rehearsals

Another 10am start, this time with no alarm clock hitches!

In total, we ran the set 3 times today. The first time we ran it we made notes of any areas that needed to be focused on. Then, after this initial run through, we replayed all of the sections identified as problem areas, until we were confident that all was as it should be.

Having played the set twice, we went out for dinner to what was basically a take-away with a table and chairs outside. We commandeered the table and chairs and sat eating our dinner in the summer sun. I had wiener schnitzel – a favourite of mine when in Germany / Austria… however, not in Holland, as I now know! I think the thing must have come from a frozen packet and then deep-fat-fried by the takeaway chef… With that lesson learnt I washed it down with an ice cream and we headed back to the studio to run the set one last time.

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