CPB European Tour, Day 13 – Travel Home

After breakfast in our hotel’s restaurant, I indulged in the luxury of free WI-FI internet in the lobby, before we set off for the airport at 1pm. Traveling with us in our van was Miller Anderson (the guitarist from BBQ, who played before us last night) and his wife. We chatted for the duration of the journey and I soon discovered that he was from the Brighton area (where I live) and that we know a lot of the same people – small world!

After an uneventful check-in and boarding at Budapest airport (where we amused ourselves with the observation that Easy Jet’s request for “Speedy Boarding” passengers to come forward sounded like a call for a Mexican blues guitarist), we flew back home.

We landed at Gatwick airport, exhausted.

We made our way back to Carl’s house and, from there, I drove home via my guitar technician’s house in Kent, where I dropped off a couple of guitars that needed work. I finally got home at 11pm, marking the end of the most travel intensive tour schedule of my life; 15 planes in 13 days.

After a good night’s sleep, I set about preparing 2 hours of material for my next tour – this time with Neal Morse, which started in a week’s time.

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