CPB European Tour, Day 7 – Day Off By The Sea

I awoke at 8 am with all the lights in my room on; I’d got back to my room the night before and collapsed on my bed (a combination of exhaustion and Limoncello (but definitely more of the latter if I’m honest))! I went down for breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant on the beach (a rarity in Italy, as the building of permanent structures on public beaches is forbidden; but in this case and exception was made, when the town planning official got a swimming pool in his garden, paid for by the hotel’s manager). After breakfast and a short wander along the shore I returned to my room for a day of relaxation. I started this tour blog in the afternoon and then, in the evening, we went out for another meal; this time I intended to drink water! Before the meal, we were interviewed by a group of local reporters who had laid on a spread of seafood and champagne – I drank a glass to be polite, but in honesty, it was the last thing I wanted. One of the questions involved the ‘California Jam’ concert, where ELP had played to 125,000 people. Stefano, our Italian agent was translating for Carl and managed to translate the audience of 125 thousand to 1 million people; the journalists were very impressed!

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