CPB U.S. Tour 2006, Day 45 – Fly home

After less than 2 hours sleep it hardly feels like another day, but…

We met up in the lobby, went to the airport, said goodbye to Harry and got on the plane. The VERY, VERY, VERY nice lady at the check-in desk (did I mention that she was VERY nice?!) decided not to charge us for the excess baggage as the plane wasn’t full and it was the 4th of July – wish we had more people like her at European airports! Due to it being a really small plane, we had to put our guitars in a special part of the baggage hold… they survived, and came out in tune! We landed in New York, said goodbye to Carl and Katie, then Stuart and I got into a taxi to take us to JFK.

We arrived at JFK at around 10am. Our flight is not until 7.45 pm!!! …And that’s where I am now – sat in the airport terminal, finishing my blog!

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