CPB U.S. Tour 2006, Day 36 – Day off, Las Vegas, NV

A day off in Vegas!!!

I looked into visiting the Grand Canyon but, after speaking to a friend, I discovered that it would be an intense all day trip… I really wanted more of a relaxing day. So, I decided that I’d go for a stroll down the famous Strip and check out the town.

The city of Vegas is not unlike any theme park I’ve ever seen… with the exception that everything’s a lot bigger and massively more expensive!

At a risk of stating the obvious, this town is all about gambling. Each hotel is built on top of its own huge casino – I guess that’s so all the gamblers have somewhere to sleep.

The casinos also have many different attractions, such as live tigers, lions, dolphins, roller coasters, gondolas in the canals of Venice, water shows, pirate ships… you name it. All these attractions have one common purpose – to get you into their casino! With all the casinos in Vegas, they all need to compete for your money. These extra attractions are their method of trying to persuade you to gamble in their particular casino.

I had a great day walking from our hotel at one end of the strip to the other and back again. I went through just about every casino, and all manner of wildlife! Apparently it was 110 degrees – I found the nearest pharmacy and covered myself in a generous serving of factor 45!

When I got back to the hotel our entire company met up in the hotel lobby, a logistical triumph in itself, and then headed out to the Hard Rock café for a meal courtesy of the Boss (CP).

After the meal Joe and I went on the roller coaster at the Casino ‘New York, New York’…

… Then headed back to our hotel (the Luxor) to play some blackjack.

I lost $120, making my Vegas experience complete!!!

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