CPB U.S. Tour 2006, Day 35 – 26th gig, House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV

On the way to Vegas we made our usual stop at Starbucks. This time it was Stuart’s turn to get the comedy quote on his cup…

‘There’s been a time for war,
a time for strife,
a time set aside for everything under the sun.
We must now set aside a time for love.

…This is the author’s opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks’

On our way to the venue in Vegas we drove past the Statue of Liberty, a pyramid and the Sphinx – more than enough to confuse a simple English man like me (to finish off the surreal experience it turned out that the pyramid was actually our hotel).

The gig was good from a musical point of view… a bit short on the ground from an audience point of view though. Apparently it was the debut night of 2 major shows in town and seeing as most people in Vegas are just visiting – they had to choose between us and them!

After getting lost in the pyramid and going up and down a couple of ‘inclinators’ (an elevator that goes along the slanted wall of the pyramid – moving in a very unsettling diagonal direction) I managed to find my room.

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