CPB U.S. Tour 2006, Day 24 – Day off (now officially called ‘days with no show’)

Today we travelled from Springfield to Hays, Kansas.

Starbucks has been a constant throughout this tour… my personal favourite being a Chai Latte with and extra squirt of chai (it seems my chai dependency has increased the further we’ve got into the tour)… VENTI of course (for those of you who are not well versed, Venti is Starbuckese for MASSIVE).

Anyway, one feature of a Starbucks cup that each one comes with a different quote, mine today was…

“I try to go though my days without judging. I can’t pretend to know what is going on in anyone else’s life but my own. I am compassionate and meet people on a human level. We all just crave to be loved as who we are. Talk to the next unfamiliar face you see or brighten someone’s day with a smile. Live with peace in your heart and bright light in your soul”… ‘This is the author’s opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks’!!!

How fantastic is that disclaimer?!!

Later we stopped at a small diner and on the menu there was the…

‘Belly Buster Big Fish Sandwich – Special price for lent… $5.59’

…And I honestly don’t think there was the tiniest bit of intended humour in that!

We arrived at hotel in Hays late that evening, did some laundry and went to bed.

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