CPB U.S. Tour 2006, Day 22 – 17th Gig, Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI

This morning we realised how our hotel got its name… daylight is a wonderful thing!

Spinal Tap obviously got to the club before us… When we arrived there was a mini Stonehenge suspended above the stage! :o)

On closer inspection, I also saw that another one of my favourite bands had played here… Spock’s Beard…

The gig was interesting. Another enthusiastic audience, however, there was a certain lady, sat on the front row, DIRECTLY in front of me. From the 1st song she just sat there a frowned! I was thinking that she was HATING it… was it too loud?… did she love Keith Emerson and think that guitars were evil?… Or perhaps she’d been brought under sufferance by her husband. For most of the night I tried to make her smile by smiling at her and I got NO response back from her. I thought that I’d be able to win her over if I kept looking and smiling, but no matter how hard I tried… I got nothing. So, towards the end of the set I reluctantly had to give up on her – I figured that she wasn’t going to enjoy it and there was nothing I could do to change that.

After the gig, we were talking about her – it turned out that the rest of the guys in the band noticed her too and they all found the fact that she was sitting directly in front of me VERY funny!

When the time came for us to meet and greet at the signing table, I was gob smacked when I saw her waiting in line! When she reached the front of the line I saw she was grinning. I inquisitively asked her, “Did you enjoy the show?” She proceeded to tell me how much she LOVED the whole show and that she thought that it was really exciting etc, etc… She was really, REALLY enthusiastic about the whole thing!!!… I was both relieved and amazed. It turned out that she was a really lovely lady. Another lesson learnt… not quite sure what though!

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