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    Paul: Thanks Keith! Loved the venue in NH - probably my favourite of the tour (and that's mostly because of the catering)! Hope to see you on any tour in the future :)

    Paul: Thanks so much! So pleased you enjoyed the show. What an amazing venue! Hope we can make it back there :)

    Paul: Thanks so much Alex, the tour is over now but what a memorable one it was! So pleased you enjoyed the show. Hope to catch you on the next tour! :)

    Alex: Hi Paul! Thank you (and Dave) for making an appearance in West Plains, MO, during your “Excellent Adventure” tour! Your renditions of Debussy pieces, as well as Gymnopedie and Moonlight Sonata, were all very impressive.

    fatsideout: Saw your performance last night in Rogers, AR. All I can say is wow. As an avowed "guitarhead" I am shocked to have never encountered you before. I am looking forward to catching up.

    keith: Saw you in Gilford NH and met you briefly afterwards- Very impressed- Always have loved ELP and YES and was not disappointed! you gave a wonderful new vigor to ELP and Arthur was great as well- and you know how great Carl is! THANKS Keith

    Davide: Thanks for the Bergamo show yesterday! Keep on rockin'

    stephen: Hi Paul Just back from Butlins Minehead. Not the most glamorous of venues but my friends and I were blown away by your playing. Amazing and thank you. Kind regards Steve

    Howard: Great CP show in Minnesota Tuesday night. I'm an ELP fan for 40+ years and had some reservations before the show. But simply blown away and so glad Palmer is still holding the torch high. Also cool to find out you're connected to Neal Morse & Spock's Beard. Enjoyed hearing / seeing your awesome talent!

    Pete finta: Saw you guys in Kent Ohio. Such an amazing group of musicians! On your solo was it Tomita's Arabesque you were playing?

    Paul Savini: Great show in Buffalo last night!

    Tom: It sure was great seeing you at Morsefest 2018--you were very entertaining and it was obvious that you were having the time of your life. Made me laugh! Outstanding show, btw. Always enjoyed your solos with Neal, Ajalon, and your old friend Dave Brons. I greatly enjoy your music, energy, and the FUN you bring. Keep up the great work, Paul!

    Paul: Thanks so much for your comment Cristiana, I'm so pleased to hear the concert had such a positive effect on you, thanks for taking the time to tell me. Always remember that music is expression and art - it's not supposed to be perfect. "Perfect" music is boring, and that makes it far from perfect!

    Cristiana: Ciao! You played yesterday in Martirano and I waved hi like a weird when you showed up at the window before going away (I would have loved talking to you guys but I know how these thing work). I won't be telling you how much you have amazed us and how freakin' good you are on the stage (oops, I just did!), what I'd really like you to know is that I have been stuck for a bunch of years now, as a perfectionist musician who never gets to see herself worthy enough of the majesty of MUSIC, and -let's say- i am facing a dark period. Well. You and Mr Palmer awakened something in me after a long time and I think for a musician this is one of the greatest things to say, I mean, that you've impressed someone so much that you make 'em feel like PLAY MUSIC (again, in this case). So, just thank you man, from the depths. :)

    Ed Meij: Sorry i've ment to say 3rd and 23rd of August instead of july....

    Ed Meij the Netherlands: Hi Paul, on holiday in Italy i saw two billboards pamflets on a wall in Perugia announcing two shows. The one on the 3rd of july i could have caught, but no tickets available, bummer!!! Turned out it was two pamflets for the 23th of july show partially overlapping on the wall ;-( instead i've bought the latest live cd/dvd of ELP legacy in Rome for €13,50 wayyyy toooo cheap. Will enjoy that one bach home in a week. Hope to catch you soon in "the boerderij venue" again soon in The Netherlands, your playing is unbelievable and keeps my ELP heart rushing!!!

    Paul: Thanks Don, it was a fun gig. I really enjoy the variety of venues we play - every one is unique and makes for a different show dynamic.

    Don: Great job in Woodbridge NJ tonight, You give it your all no matter the venue!

    Paul: Thanks very much Alan, glad we didn't disappoint! Carl has SO much energy I don't think he'll ever be over the hill - he's going to outlive us all! :o)

    Paul: Thanks so much Brett, I'm really glad you enjoyed the show, I'm always delighted to gain the approval of a keyboard player! Hope to see you at another show in future. :o)

    Paul: Haha thanks Deidre! Was lovely to meet you at the Coach House, you were at a really good show - definitely a highlight of the tour. Can't wait to play there again! :o)

    Brett Minkin: Hi Paul. I saw you last week in Sacramento, CA, was completely blown away. As a keyboardist, I was surprised, and saddened at first that there were no keyboards.. that is until you started playing, and I spent the rest of the night in slack-jawed awe. I found myself wondering “who the f**k IS this guy?!” I found your website, and read your bio, which was fascinating. I am the adoptive father of an ADHD kid, and understand completely the hyper-focus you referred to. I loved the energy and joy of playing you out while on stage. When I was on stage the other night, I thought of your performance, and reminded myself to try to be more dynamic in my stage presence, like you were. Thank you for an awesome show I won’t soon forget.

    Deidre Christensen: You said hi to me from the balcony at the CoachHouse in SJC, CA. I guessed you might be the guitar player and hella awesome one you are at that! And you flirt with the audience. Such s Scorpio. Simon is playing now and you are taking a break. He’s great but I miss you already. Rock on!

    Alan: I loved your show in Portland last night. ELP is probably my all time favorite band and I was really hesitant to hear their music with just strings. Also I have heard two over the hill musicians and hesitant to spend money on possibly a third. But Carl Palmer was just as great as ever and I was amazed that you and Simon pulled off the music. Great job and thank you for a great show!

    Paul: Thanks so much John, CTTE was a blast wasn't it?! I'm still having withdrawals. Hope to see you onboard next year, or at one of our shows before then.

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