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30th November, 2008
Web Site Online!!!


Here it is… a shiny new web site!!!

After months of work (and a lot of patience), the amazing Laura Kalbag (check out her website from my links page) has officially put the site online.

Although the site is up and running now, we still have a few things to change / fix / update so you can expect a few minor additions and alterations in the coming weeks / months.

I’m busy working on finishing my book at the moment, but when I can I’ll be adding things like video lessons and exciting unheard audio (I’ll be posting some never-before-heard audio from the sessions of Neal Morse’s ‘Lifeline’ album as well as a few other nuggets yet to be confirmed).

So keep checking back and keep in touch – let me know what you think via the contact form or the message board… it’d be great to hear from you. Oh, and if you want me to keep you posted about updates etc, then you can sign-up to the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy looking around,

love from Paul :o)